Safe Riding Guide

1. Before reading the instructions carefully and understanding the performance of electric bicycles, do not use electric bicycles; do not lend them to people who can't operate electric bicycles for riding.

2. For the personal and property safety of you and others, please drive carefully, consciously abide by traffic rules, drive on non-motorized lanes, and do not carry others.

3. In rainy and snowy weather or bad roads, slow down the vehicle speed. When braking, you should apply the brake and then stop and brake slowly to prevent sideslip, and appropriately increase the braking distance to ensure safety.

4. The car is not afraid of rain, but it can't wade deeply. When the water level exceeds any of the motor shaft, controller or circuit, it may cause a short circuit and damage electrical components. Please be careful. After wading into deep water, the power should be cut off in time, and wiped clean, and then electric riding can be done after it is dry.

5. The side parking frame must be stowed before driving to prevent the vehicle from overturning when turning, causing injury to the rider. Check whether the front and rear brake systems are working properly. If there is any problem, please repair it immediately.

6. Do not hang objects on the handlebars when driving, so as not to get caught in the wheels and cause the vehicle to tip over and cause injury to the riders.

7. The total weight of the rider and the load should not exceed 75Kg. Please do not store items exceeding 2Kg in the glove box, so as not to damage the glove box or cause accidents. 8. Do not put cotton yarn and other items next to the motor, and do not place items under the seat cushion to avoid accidents.

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