The after-sales department strictly implements the three-guarantees in accordance with the national three-guarantee regulations, and earnestly fulfills the company's after-sales management regulations, so that users can enjoy the joy of riding without worries.

Effective warranty period

1. Frame: For cars purchased from the date of purchase, the frame is guaranteed within the scope of normal use of the vehicle.

2.The whole vehicle will be given three guarantees within one year from the date of sale. The complete vehicle motor will be replaced for free within one year, and the two-year warranty will be implemented in accordance with the battery after-sales service agreement. The complete vehicle battery will be replaced within one year free of charge. Note: Except for non-quality problems.

3.Other consumable parts are not covered by the warranty (such as: tires, inner tubes, brake pads, brake cables, transmission cables, etc.)

4.Bicycles and merchandise accessories purchased online that are not sold by our company's authorized stores are not covered by the warranty.

5.No frame number (polished) is not covered by the warranty.

The following situations do not apply to the free maintenance scope of this warranty.

1.For parts repaired and replaced during the warranty period, the warranty period is still calculated based on the original warranty period.

2.Items repaired by oneself without the consent of the special maintenance unit.

3.Dismantle damaged parts by yourself outside the scope specified in the instruction manual.

4.Failure caused by improper use or storage by the user or accident.

5.The parts that are naturally worn out under normal use are not suitable for free maintenance during the above warranty period, such as: tires, inner tubes, brake pads, brake and transmission inner cables, chainrings/flywheels, chains, seat cushion skins, rubber Quality grips or handle straps, bearings and oil seals for front suspension forks or rear shocks, and rims equipped with caliper brakes.

6.Failure to properly maintain or replace the consumables due to wear and tear, causing other parts to malfunction or damage.

7.The tire is punctured or hit by foreign objects, causing the tire to leak or blow out.

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