YNC1 Electric bike(Electric bicycle)
Endurance 70KM (PAS1 gear)
Colour Metallic grey Matte red
Charging time 3-4H
Have driving pleasure means of transport
We hope to provide users with a simple, convenient, practical, and fun-driving transportation tool, bringing you unprecedented mobility and driving innovation experience.

Battery Capacity 6.4AH / 7.0AH
Load 100KG
Drive range 70KM (PAS1 gear)
Speed 25KM/H
Charging Time 3-4h
Tire Size 16inches
Vehicle Size 1320*550*1020mm
Folded Size 720*350*590mm
Net Weight 16Kgs

Magnesium alloy integral molding process (patent)
Motor power
250W high-torque
Folded size
Tire size
16 inches
Sports breathable saddle, strength and comfort are guaranteed
Suspension system
Central shock absorber, effectively filtering bumps
Brake system
Electric + Double disc brake
Display screen
LCD display, shows the battery quantity, speed and drive range
Riding mode
Pure electric mode, power-assisted mode, riding mode
Metallic gray, Matte red


1. Appearance

The design of frame shape is inspired by the fast running cheetah, it can give us a strong sense of movement and speed. As YNC1 is our unique design, we have patents on this model. So it makes its appearance very different from other bikes.

2. Frame processing

We used the Magnesium alloy integral molding process on the frame. There is no welding scar on the whole frame, which makes it just like a work of art.

3. Weight

The Magnesium alloy is much lighter than Aluminium alloy and carbon steel. It enables our bike to maintain a very light weight despite its outstanding appearance.

4. Motor power

YNC1 equipped the brushless high-speed motor which has the higher torque. So it can easily adapt to the complex road conditions.

5. Suspension

Most 16 inch electric folding bikes don't have a suspension system. But YNC1 equipped a middle suspension system which makes the travel more comfortable.

6. Folding size

The folding size is very thin. After folding, the width of the bike is only 35cm. So you can put it into the trunk easily.

7. Battery

We used a hidden battery design on it, the high-capacity lithium battery is assembled inside the seat-post, which can maximumly keep the fashionable design elements of the frame.

8. Sensor

The center axle torque sensor is optional. The sensing sensitivity of torque sensor is only 0.2 seconds, which greatly improves the power response speed. Thus, the riding smoothness and comfort during acceleration and braking can be improved.

9. Waterproof cable

All the cables we used on electric parts are all waterproof cable. So the whole bike is safer and the quality is guaranteed. Besides, we also adopt the hidden routing technology for the cables of the whole bike to ensure the streamline shape of the frame.

10. Light

The front light of YNC1 is E-mark certified. It also won the gold award on 2021 China (Shanghai) International Bicycle Exhibition.

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