How can the electric vehicle industry really break the situation with lithium electrification on the tuyere?
Jiangyin KOOW Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd Time:2021-09-08
The countdown to the elimination of over-standard electric bicycles in Beijing has begun, and the public's demand for replacement of new vehicles has been released intensively.

As of October 31 this year, more than two million "pro-brand" electric vehicles will be eliminated.

How to replace the exceeding standard electric bicycle with a compliant vehicle? What are the subsidy policies for the implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles?

Many netizens are still at a loss and have many questions. Don't worry, the authoritative interpretation of CCTV is here! Let's see what the experts say.

The transition period of the new national standard gradually ended, and Emma's sales volume increased steadily.

The market at the end of the transition period has ushered in a strong wave of redemption. Sales in this type of market have shown a clear upward trend, but after the redemption, sales have quickly fallen back to the previous level.

At the same time, the implementation of the new national standard also allows us to see the trend of product lithium-ionization. According to our rough statistics, before and after the promulgation of the new national standard in April 2019, the proportion of Emma's lithium-ion products rose from 6.7% in the first quarter of 2019 to 14.3% in the second quarter of 19, an increase of 7.6 percentage points from the previous quarter, the proportion of Emma's lithium battery products has also shown an increasing trend in the past two years.

Consumers are more and more willing to choose big brands when redeeming electric vehicles, and sales are increasingly concentrated on several top brands. We believe that this is because the implementation of the new national standard not only raises the barriers to competition for the entire industry, but also accelerates the disappearance of car companies that do not meet the new national standard, even without 3C certification, and motorcycle qualifications. At the same time, it also allows consumers to see In terms of quality, the advantages of big brands are well demonstrated.
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