The price war for electric vehicles is intensifying. How can companies achieve differentiated competition?
Jiangyin KOOW Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd Time:2021-09-08
In recent years, with the strong support of national policies and the awareness of green travel, the proportion of new energy use has increased year by year. As the main source of carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation field, new energy travel modes represented by electric vehicles are occupying more and more In an important position, the global sales of electric passenger vehicles have grown rapidly with a strong momentum.

In 2020, China's two-wheeled electric vehicle market will reach 104.6 billion yuan. The growth of two-wheeled electric vehicles in the next two years will mainly come from the sales growth caused by the replacement of the new national standard. It is estimated that the two-wheeled electric vehicle market will reach 144.3 billion yuan in 2022. .

Driven by market demand stimulus and policies, the electric vehicle market ushered in huge room for development. New companies have entered the game one after another. In the face of frequent price wars, it is important to develop high-value, high-tech intelligent outdoor travel products to achieve differentiated competition and give users a better consumer experience!
Nowadays, users of two-wheeled vehicles are showing a younger trend, and they have good habits and experience of using intelligent products and equipment. However, in outdoor travel scenarios, there are still the following

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