A variety of new lithium batteries! Tianneng, hot market!
Jiangyin KOOW Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd Time:2021-09-08

In the past two years, the demand for lithium batteries in the terminal market has continued to rise. Consumers are extremely concerned about the safety and stability of lithium batteries. As well-known lithium battery brands in the industry, Tianneng, Xingheng, Chaowei, Xinnengan, Jingqiu, In response to the needs of users, Leoch and other brands have made great efforts in the research and development of lithium battery safety and launched a number of new products.
Tiannengheng Technology Series Lithium Battery
Hot market, shipments continue to lead
As a leading company in new energy power batteries, Tianneng lithium battery has become the most popular lithium battery brand in the August peak season.
Tianneng Lithium Battery is the first to use the world’s top material system in the field of electric vehicles to achieve aerospace-level safety and automotive-level power. Especially the Tianneng Technology series of lithium battery products launched this year, which integrates high safety performance, long cruising range, high energy density, The advantages of smart BMS and other advantages, high quality has won word of mouth, aroused the enthusiasm of many dealers to buy, the shipment volume continues to lead, and the terminal market continues to sell well.

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